How La Sportiva generated 30K product interactions in 1 week

Leading outdoor sports brand La Sportiva teamed up with Covision Media to put photorealistic 3D digital twins at the heart of its hero product marketing strategy.

Covision Media’s one-click 3D technology was leveraged to digitize the Cyklon, Aequilibrium and TX2 Evo product lines. The 3D’s represented the gateway to many other “easy visualization wins”: still life photo, animations, Augmented Reality (AR).

La Sportiva automated the process of creating digital twins, which was done manually before, strongly increased virtual product interactions and landing page views, and eliminated costs for 2D product photography – as 2D photos can be derived from the photorealistic 3D’s.

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Key figures

product interactions in 1 week (Cyklon line)

landing page views (Aequilibrium line)

3D fabric resolution

Challenge & solution

LaSportiva, as part of an overall e-commerce digitization and content strategy, was looking for an automated way to create photorealistic 3D models of their 2021 hero shoe collections with the goal to boost e-commerce interactions and conversions.

The most important requirement was for the online shopper to zoom into shoe details at a fabric level and get to know the technical strengths and uniqueness of a La Sportiva shoe in an explorative and playful way.

Secondly, La Sportiva wanted to leverage the 3D for multiple marketing purposes: 2D still life product photography, 360 degree visualizations, Augmented Reality and video animations.


The hero products were converted into 3D by means of one-click with Covision Media’s multicamera technology and proprietary software.

Covision Media then proceeded to work with the Head of Marketing and the e-commerce department at La Sportiva to integrate the 3D models on the landing pages for the hero products. The same 3D was leveraged by Covision Media partner company MFOR to create an animated video.

Furthermore the 2D still life images and the 360 view of the shoe were automatically derived from the 3D at no cost and integrated on the e-commerce website.

La Sportiva was extremely satisfied with the project and will continue to digitize it’s hero collections with Covision Media’s technology.

“With Covision Media we found a partner that uses its technology to create photorealistic 3D models in a matter of minutes. It is our gateway for many visual marketing functions that come for free: 3D product interactions, still life, 360s, AR and even enhanced in store-experiences.”

— Luca Mich, Head of Marketing La Sportiva

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